Exhibition: From Ingres to Cézanne - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2004-06-28 • 2004-09-19

From Ingres to Cézanne

The 19th century in the collection of the Petit Palais

BBK Room


The reforms which the installations of the Paris Art Museum, better known as Petit Palais, are undergoing at present, have allowed for the exceptional loan of an ample collection of works belonging to its important permanent collection -paintings, sculptures and drawings-, which go to form a comprehensive view of French painting and sculpture of the 19th century and which include works by the most outstanding representatives.

On the impressive list of artists who will figure in “From Ingres to Cézanne. The 19th century in the collection of the Petit Palais” one will find among others Ingres, Delacroix, Courbet, Daumier, Manet, Ribot, Bonnat, Degas, Claudel, Rodin, Carpeaux, Bonnard, Corot, Pubis de Chavannes, Carrière, Renoir and Cézanne, united not only by chronology but also by the interest shown by all of them in the representation -in portraits and sculptures- of the human body. From the meticulousness of Ingres to the dissolution of forms through light and colour of Cezánne, the exhibition will allow the visitor to discover the richness of French art in the 19th century.