Foundation - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Institutional information


On November 15, 2000, the Museum’s owner institutions, the Bilbao City Council, Bizkaia Provincial Council and the Basque Government, (represented by the City Mayor Iñaki Azkuna, Chief Provincial Executive Josu Bergara and the Basque Government’s regional Culture Minister Mª Carmen Garmendia) agreed to set up the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Foundation with a view to promoting and developing the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum as a whole. Included in the Register of Foundations of the Basque Country in virtue of the Decree of 29 March 2001, number F-96, classified according to its expressed aims under Section 3a.

Our mission

To gather, conserve, study and disseminate the collection of ancient, modern and contemporary art of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum; to strive to enrich it; to maintain services; and to promote quality activities with the goal of actively contributing to educating society and projecting the values of the Basque Country.

Board of Trustees

The foundation’s governing body is the Board of Trustees, comprising representatives of the Museum’s founding institutions – the mayor/mayoress representing the City Council of Bilbao, a provincial deputy representing the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, and the regional minister of culture representing the Basque Government – in addition to other individuals or entities whose significant contributions or academic or technical knowledge of the Museum’s activities may benefit the complete achievement of its founding aim. The presidency of the Board of Trustees is annual and alternates between the three founding members.

President:Mr Juan Mari Aburto Rique, as Mayor of the City Council of Bilbao
Vice-president:Mrs Elixabete Etxanobe Landajuela, as General Deputy of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia
Members:Mr Bingen Zupiria Gorostidi, as Regional Minister of Culture and Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government
Mr Xabier Sagredo Ormaza, representing BBK Banking Foundation
Mr Rafael Pardo Avellaneda, as Director of Fundación BBVA
Mr Rafael Orbegozo Guzmán, representing Iberdrola, S. A.
Mrs Andoni Aldekoa de la Torre, representing Euskal Irrati Telebista
Mr Iñigo Barrenechea Lombardero, representing Diario El Correo, S. A.
Mr Javier Andrés Larrinaga, representing Editorial Iparraguirre, S. A. (Deia)
Mr Eneko Arruebarrena Elizondo, representing Metro Bilbao, S. A.
Mrs Patricia Arias Otero, representing Fundación Banco Santander
Mr Guillermo Barandiarán Olleros, representing Fundación Gondra Barandiarán
Mr Emiliano López Atxurra, representing Petronor, S. A.
Mrs Begoña Marañón Unanue, representing Cadena SER
Mrs Mónica de Oriol de Icaza, representing Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre
Mr José Antonio Torrealday Llona, representing Asesoría Torrealday, S. A.

In addition, the Board can agree to the appointment as Trustees of individuals or entities that make significant financial, artistic or academic contributions.

Executive Committee

Unless otherwise stated by the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee exercises the functions of management, decision-making, administration and representation of the Foundation, unless these functions legally and irrefutably correspond to the Board of Trustees.

The members of the Executive Committee, in representation of their founding institutions are: the minister of Culture of the Basque Government, the head of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia, and the Mayor of Bilbao; and up to three members who can be designated by the Board of Trustees to represent individuals or entities who are Trustees of the Foundation.

Commission for Artistic Evaluation

President:Mr. Miguel Zugaza, Director of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
Members:Ms. Miren Arzalluz, director of the Palais Galliera, Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris
Sr. Gabriele Finaldi, director de la National Gallery de Londres
Ms. Carmen Giménez, former curator of the Guggenheim Museum
Ms. Beatriz Herráez, director of Artium
Mr. Sam Keller, Director of the Beyeler Foundation, Basel
Ms. Manuela Mena, Doctor in History of Art
Ms. Maite Paliza, Professor of History of Art

The Foundation also offers individual and corporate members a number of ways to participate in the Museum: Friends of the Museum and Corporate Member Programme.