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2023-05-22 • 2023-12-03

BBK Art Route IV: Perspectives of Bizkaia


2022-06-17 • 2023-12-31


An unexpected encounter between two artists from the collection in each room

1-21 Rooms

2023-03-06 • 2023-06-30


Videoart and digital creation

Room 4

2023-03-27 • 2023-12-31

Iberdrola-Museum Conservation and Restoration 2022 Programme

Restored works exposition

2022-05-06 • 2024-11-30

Sergio Prego. Thirteen to Centaurus


Old Building

BBKateak new rotationRoom 12 | De la Cruz - Arias

Flash visitsA pleasant approach to the works of art and their protagonists

Iberdrola and the museum resume Art to Touch  Visual accessibility programme

Ikuspuntuak. Ellas8 women artists in front of works in the museum´s collection by women artists, from the sixteenth century until today.