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2024-07-11 • 2024-09-30

Bergé Collection Donation

ROOMs 17, 26-31

2024-06-25 • 2024-10-21

Eduardo Chillida – Godofredo Ortega Muñoz


Rooms 18–20

2024-06-21 • 2024-10-13

The Sota Family

Art and Patronage

Rooms 1-5

2024-06-07 • 2025-01-07


Bilbao Modern Art Museum, 1924–1945

2024-05-03 • 2024-12-15

BBK Art Route V

Childhood in art


2023-11-08 • 2024-09-27

Begoña María Azkue Bequest 

William Bouguereau: The Vow in Sainte-Anne d’Auray (c.1870)

Pedro de Icaza y Aguirre Hall

2022-05-06 • 2024-11-30

Sergio Prego. Thirteen to Centaurus


Old Building

Three new exhibitions for the summerNew exhibition program

Different ways to visit the museumGuided tours

IntermissionBilbao Modern Art Museum, 1924–1945

The museum in summerDifferent ways to visit the museum

Sergio Prego. Thirteen to CentaurusBBKateak

The Sota FamilyArt and Patronage

BBKateak All face-to-face between artists on the microsite

Eduardo Chillida – Godofredo Ortega MuñozBBKateak

AgravitasA project for the architectural transformation of the museum