Exhibition: Out! Serene shadows! - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2007-01-16 • 2007-02-18

Out! Serene shadows!

The visual aspect of the Verdi spectacle

ABAO, together with the National Institute of Verdi Studies in Parma, and the collaboration of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum presents the exhibition: Out! Serene shadows! The visual aspect of the Verdi spectacle. This exhibition forms part of the cultural activities of the project entitled, “Tutto Verdi” initiated by the Asociación Bilbaína (the Bilbao Association) this season, 2006/2007 and which consists not only of the representation of the whole of Verdi’s operas in all their versions but also of a parallel cultural project drawn up to examine in greater detail the work of this composer, who is one of the most popular of all times.

This exhibition, which may be visited at the Bilbao Art Museum from January 16th to February 18th, 2007, offers a wide view of the various visual interpretations that have been represented in the contemporary era of Giuseppe Verdi and at later dates. We have endeavoured to underline the importance that the composer gave to scenography and offer a vision with the stage interpretations of the Maestro’s operas set in a historical perspective. This influence exerted by Verdi is clear even when he is not physically present; when the artist who develops the stage aspect takes the musical score as a point of reference and translates the contemporary visual language, Verdi’s dramatico-musical conception is immediately captured by present-day audiences.