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Bruges Canal

Tellaeche, Julián de

Bergara, Gipuzkoa, 30/11/1884-Lima, 24/12/1957

Oil on canvas

93.5 x 77.8 cm

Tellaeche (bottom right hand corner)


First quarter of the 20th century


Donated by Ceferino Urién in 1925

His perseverance with his chosen subject is also clear in the series of reflections he produced from 1916, particularly of the bridges at Ondarroa and Orio. It also appears in this solitary post-Impressionist view of Bruges Canal. The rendering of reflections on the water¿s surface, a popular theme since the Impressionists¿ heyday, gives Tellaeche the chance to experiment with the possibilities of light and colour as he attempts to capture the fleeting forms of water in a work of great compositional solidity and formal synthesis. [Santiago Arcediano]

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