Rules - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

In accordance with the regulations currently in force, wearing masks is not compulsory inside the museum, although they are recommended if it is impossible to maintain a safe distance. Thank you very much.

While you are visiting the museum, please help us look after our common heritage.

Works of art are unique, valuable objects that we must preserve for future generations.

Your collaboration is requested so that all our Visitors can enjoy the Museum to the full and exhibition hall supervisors can do their jobs properly.

Please observe the following rules:

  • Works of art are fragile and can be easily damaged. Please do not touch them.
  • Intellectual property and reproduction rights restrict the taking of photographs of works of art and their free circulation.
  • To avoid bothering others, the use of mobile phones is not permitted inside exhibition halls.
  • Guide-dogs accompanying the visually-impaired will be allowed entrance to the museum. The entrance of any other animal, however, is strictly prohibited.
  • Children are very welcome. Please keep them close by, however, and make sure they behave themselves properly.

Thank you.