Néstor Basterretxea visits his sculpture "Intxixu" - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


Nestor Basterretxea today visited his sculpture Intxixu (1973. Bronze. 222.7 x 104 x 31 cm), sited outside the head offices of Kutxabank, in the Gran Vía, Bilbao’s main thoroughfare. 

BBK is sponsoring a wide-ranging retrospective exhibition devoted to the highly versatile Basque artist at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum (25/02/13–19/05/13). 

Featuring more than 200 sculptures, paintings, drawings, works of industrial design and posters, the exhibition, staged in the Museum’s BBK gallery, gives a complete overview of Nestor Basaterretxea’s 60-plus years as an artist. Born in Bermeo, Bizkaia, in 1924, Basterretxea was a major figure in the renewal of Basque sculpture in the 20th century.