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2022-05-05 • 2022-11-08

Women in the museum

BBK Artearen Ibilbidea III Art Route


BBK Artearen Ibilbidea III Art Route


Since 2018, the BBK Art Route programme has disseminated the breadth and quality of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum collection beyond its galleries, while also bringing art to citizens. This time, this overarching objective is joined by the goal of offering a selection of 40 works focused on the role of women in art.

With a timeframe that starts in the fifteenth century and reaches today, the exhibition includes paintings, drawings, posters and photographs that not only spark reflection on the way women have been represented throughout art history, but also enable us to discover how women artists themselves have been defying conventionalisms to offer their own vision of the world and themselves since the nineteenth century.

The project was developed by Miriam Alzuri, Modern and Contemporary Art conservator at the museum, in conjunction with María Victoria Antoñanzas and César Ochoa from the Department of Education and Cultural Action.

The educational mission of the BBK Art Route includes comments on each of the works which are accessible via free downloads onto mobile devices using a QR code. Likewise, the Department of Education has launched a free mediation programme which includes guided tours for schools and cultural associations that come to see the exhibition and answers to visitors’ queries.

Information and reservations

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Participating towns

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