Exhibition: The Victim of the Fiesta - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2008-10-31 • 2009-10-31

The Victim of the Fiesta

Deposit of The Hispanic Society of America

Mogrobejo Hall

The Museum has received a major work by the painter Ignacio Zuloaga (Eibar, 1870–Madrid, 1945), "The Victim Of The Fiesta", in deposit from The Hispanic Society of America in New York, and which will be on display in the Mogrobejo Hall of the Old Museum building until October 2019. With its ambiguous title, The Victim Of The Fiesta shows a picador, Francisco el Segoviano, one of Zuloaga’s favoured models, riding exhausted on a wounded nag after a bullfight. Set against a sombre landscape, probably near Sepúlveda, the scene reflects Zuloaga’s informed admiration of El Greco’s work. A preliminary drawing entitled Rocinante” reaffirms the comparison with Don Quixote.
Ignacio de Zuloaga y Zabaleta (Eibar, Gipuzkoa, 1870 - Madrid, 1945) The Victim of the Fiesta, 1910 Oil on canvas, 284 x 334 cm The Hispanic Society of America, Nueva York