Exhibition: The Slopes of Montjuïc - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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2007-04-23 • 2007-06-24

The Slopes of Montjuïc

Mogrobejo Hall


Joaquim Mir i Trinxet (Barcelona, 1873-1940) was an untypical character on the Catalonian art scene of his time. Blessed with a natural pictorial talent. He unconsciously synthesised within himself a series of stimuli and suggestions that took shape spontaneously in his extraordinarily original paintings.

The Slopes of Montjuïc (c. 1896-97) belongs to Mir’s early period. It is a realist oil painting and bright, following in the local footsteps of Mas i Fontdevila. His composition of the landscape with figures, one of which is in the foreground, links it closely with The cathedral of the poor, 1898, Mir’s masterpiece as a youth, although it does not have the social content of the latter. Mir forged his own original way during his lone campaign in Majorca, he moved there in 1899 until 1904.

Another work of his, L´Abre Gran. Sa Calobra (c. 1903) from The Santander Group Collection, is from this period. He began to interpret the landscape of the Camp de Tarragona and hat purifying process left his painting at the right point. From this brilliant period of Mir’s, The Santander Group Collection contains, between others, a masterpiece, Spring (c. 1910), Aigües roges (c. 1921) and L’Hort dels Escolanets (c. 1931), painted in Montserrat, a large size oil painting from Mir’s last period.