Exhibition: Synchronizing Geometry - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2007-06-11 • 2007-07-15

Synchronizing Geometry

Arriaga Gallery


The exhibition in the Bilbao Art Museum of the works from Carlos Ferrater & partners’ studio (OAB) constitutes a more extensive version of that of September 2006 in the S. R. Crown Hall of the School of Architecture of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago.


Synchronizing geometry

Carlos Ferrater & partners (OAB) offers an extensive insight into the works produced by this architectural studio from 1996 to the present time. The exhibition comprises thirty four explanatory panels in which all the project processing regarding the works and projects can be seen in detail. Furthermore, twelve scale models are presented to show the different stages of the various work projects and the relationship between stereometric geometries and construction as well as the inner parts of those processes.

Over the last few years, the Carlos Ferrater studio has intermittently yet continuously developed new lines of formal expression. A set of projects which go to form a family of autonomous experiences faithful to the same principle of project approach: geometry as a means of approaching landscape and urban shapes.