Exhibition: Picasso: Trunk of Remorse - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2005-09-12 • 2005-11-06

Picasso: Trunk of Remorse

Paper Art (II)

Room 33

The Caisse à remords or Caja de remordimientos (Trunk of Remorse) is one of the most relevant series of Picasso as an engraver.This is a series of forty five prints, including etchings, dry-points and soft varnishes. This collection highlights Picasso’s technical skill, the various styles with which he experimented -cubism, surrealism, neoclassicism, etc.- and many of the subjects he was interested in throughout his career and they have in common the fact that he created and kept the prints from 1919 to 1955. For this reason, these works have been regarded by some specialists as a sort of autobiography of Picasso.