Exhibition: Matta 1911-2011 - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2011-05-16 • 2011-08-21

Matta 1911-2011

Room 32

As a pivotal member of the Surrealist group and a major influence on American Abstract Expressionism, Matta (Santiago de Chile, 1911–Tarquinia, Italy, 2002) is clearly a crucial figure in 20th-century art. A genuine visionary and a forerunner of the relations between art and science and nature, he was a committed advocate of art’s essential role in individual human development. Organized to mark the centenary of Matta’s birth, the exhibition aims to give as complete an overview as possible of his oeuvre by focusing on the most significant moments of his career, illustrated by 32 large paintings dated between 1939 and 1999.

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