Exhibition: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2007-06-11 • 2007-09-09

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

45 years of art and feminism

BBK Room

The exhibition, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 45 years of Art and Feminism shows 69 works and 36 artists and 3 feminist groups from various countries which initiated and/or have continued to give substance to what has come to be known as “feminist art”. In turn, the title of the exhibition -Kiss Kiss Bang Bang-, manifests the contradictions and disparities brought about among the stereotypes that have been created with respect to women in patriarchal cultures and the reality of a group that has fought against them relentlessly.

The intention is to create a confrontation between the traditional idea of femininity and women, their sexual objectivization in the field of culture -Kiss Kiss-, and the other reality: woman as an active and enterprising subject and a relentless fighter for the achievement of the status of first class citizen -Bang Bang-. As a reaction to the predominant tradition in the official history of art, which isolates works and artists from their social and political contexts, the exhibition offers the public the opportunity to establish a relationship between artistic praxis and the political, social and intellectual praxis of feminism.

In this way, works, theory and social and political movements will be present in museums with a view to offering a didactic way of acquainting the general public with the realities of what, since the 1960s, has come to be known as “feminist art” and “the feminist movement”.