Exhibition: Juan de Echevarría - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2004-04-19 • 2004-06-27

Juan de Echevarría

1st Floor - Contemporary Art

Over seventy works representative of the post-impressionist style and both the portrait genre -his gypsy series or the series dedicated to the intellectuals of the 98 Generation- and the still life and landscape genre, which the painter, Juan de Echevarría (Bilbao, 1875-Madrid, 1931) dealt with, go to form this exhibition, which is co-produced with the Mapfre Vida Cultural Foundation at whose head offices the exhibition will be inaugurated in the coming month of January. It forms part of the work which has been carried out by the Museum over the last few years to recuperate some of the great figures from the world of Basque Art prior to the Spanish Civil War. As a result of this work, there have been retrospective exhibitions dedicated to the Association of Basque Artists (1983) or to the painters José María Ucelay (1984), Adolfo Guiard (1985), Antonio de Guezala (1993), Francisco Iturrino (1997), Aurelio Arteta (1999) and, more recently, Ángel Larroque (2003).

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