Exhibition: Jacques Lipchitz. Donation - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2005-06-24 • 2005-09-25

Jacques Lipchitz. Donation

1 Floor - Contemporary Art

In 2003 the Museum devoted an exhibition to Jacques Lipchitz (Druskieniki, Lituania, 1891-Capri, Italia, 1973), one of the great reformist in the field of sculpture of the 20th century. After the exhibition, it was acquired the bronze sculpture, Seated Figure (1915), that led to the donation by the Jacques and Yulla Lipchitz Foundation of twelve engravings (c. 1968-1972). Shortly afterwards, the Foundation donated four versions in plaster and one in terracotta of important works of the sculptor. Therefor, the Museum possesses one work in bronze, four in plaster, one in terracotta and twelve engravings from Lipchitz’s work which are presented in honour of the sculptor and in gratitude to all those who have made it possible for his work to be so significantly represented in our collection.