Exhibition: Hierros de temblor II (Trembling Irons II) - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

The guest work


2005-04-25 • 2005-07-26

Hierros de temblor II (Trembling Irons II)

1st Floor - Contemporary Art

Hierros de temblor II (Trembling Irons II) (1956) is one of the most significant works in wrought iron from the first mature years and indeed the whole career of the sculptor, Eduardo Chillida (San Sebastián, 1924-2002), and it forms part of the group of sculptures which made his work known and laid the foundations for his early international success.

Acquired by the Museum in 2003, the work is exhibited on the occasion of the Guest Work programme accompanied by Hierros de temblor I (Trembling Irons I) (1955) and Hierros de temblor III (Trembling Irons III) (1957), which belong to two private collections. The three works together form an outstanding sequence in which the cut and the torsion of the iron come to be essential elements in the development of Chillida’s spatial interests.