Exhibition: Gustave Doré - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2004-10-04 • 2004-12-12

Gustave Doré

Works belonging to the Musée d´Art moderne et contemporain de Strasbourg


Doré (Strasbourg, 1832- Paris, 1883) is one of the most outstanding and prolific illustrators and engravers of the 19th century. When he started out, he was known for his satirical drawings and caricatures but he became enormously popular thanks to his illustrations of literary classics such as Don Quixote, Orlando Furioso or the Divine Comedy, among others. The selection presented here gathers together a wide group of almost eighty works including drawings, engravings, water colours, oil paintings, and illustrations in first literary editions, all of which gives a clear idea of Doré´s range of artistic interests -portraits, landscapes, caricatures, religious scenes and scenes of local customs and manners and of the quality of his production.