Exhibition: Chillida. Comb of the Wind - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2009-01-13 • 2009-03-15

Chillida. Comb of the Wind

Sculpture, Engineering and Architecture

33 Room

In 1977 three steel sculptures by Eduardo Chillida (San Sebastián, 1924—2002) were installed in San Sebastián’s La Concha bay. Together the trio of sculptures form Comb of the Wind, one of the Basque sculptor’s most significant works. Photographs, plans, works on paper and sculptures show how the project developed from the sculptor’s initial idea to the definitive installation of the finished work.

Integrating Chillida’s artistic beliefs and the contribution of industrial workers, architects and engineers, the project, begun in 1952, culminated in this landmark public sculpture, one of the finest and best known in the region.

In the image:
Eduardo Chillida at the Comb of the Wind
© Francesc Català-Roca