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2020-03-11 • 2020-10-12

Beruete, Regoyos and the Landscape

in the collections of the engineers José Entrecanales and Santiago Corral

Galleries 32 and 33

The museum will host a major exhibition on Spanish landscape painting from the late 19th and early 20th centuries focused on the collections assembled by the civil engineers José Entrecanales Ibarra (Bilbao, 1899-Madrid, 1990) and Santiago Corral Pérez (Santander, 1907-Madrid, 1989) between the 1940s and 1970s.

Both were devoted to transforming the infrastructures of a backwards country, while also keenly interested in the renovation in painting which had taken place in Spain half a century earlier through modern genre par excellence, the landscape.

Thus, they insightfully focused on the best and most innovative painters and put together exuberant collections with important works, most notably because of their number, works by Aureliano de Beruete (Madrid, 1845-1912) and Darío de Regoyos (Ribadesella, Asturias, 1857-Barcelona, 1913), the only Spanish Impressionist painters.

This exhibition's interest lies first in the outstanding quality of the works assembled by Entrecanales and Corral, and secondly in their extraordinarily tenacious collecting for their era.

Bilbao was a key city to Regoyos, the most cosmopolitan and radical of the painters represented. It yearned to join the modern world, as did our museum, and it conserves the best existing collection of Regoyos works, making it a fitting, enthusiastic host for this show, which is also a unique chance to exhibit an extraordinarily significant series of pieces by Aureliano de Beruete for the first time.
The show will bring together 70 works from these collections—most of them dating from 1890 to 1920—primarily landscapes by Beruete and Regoyos, complemented by others by their contemporaries Agustín Riancho, Francisco Gimeno, Santiago Rusiñol and Joaquín Sorolla.

Aware of the quality and interest of the works gathered, many of their heirs held onto the works, which made this show possible. This main core is joined by several works that used to be part of their collections and now belong to the Museo del Prado (2), the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum (1) and private collections (5). Only works that were acquired by José Entrecanales and Santiago Corral and were therefore part of their collections are included.

Beruete, Regoyos and the Landscape in the Collections of the Engineers José Entrecanales and Santiago Corral is curated by Javier Barón Thaidigsmann, head of the Conservation Area of 19th-Century Painting at the Museo Nacional del Prado, and the author of the extensive catalogue text published on the occasion of this exhibition.


Beruete, Regoyos and the Landscape
in the Collections of the Engineers José Entrecanales and Santiago Corral


José Entrecanales (Bilbao, 1899-Madrid, 1990) and Santiago Corral (Santander, 1907-Madrid, 1989), prominent civil engineers and businessmen, were also serious collectors. Partly interested in landscapes because of the importance of land in their profession, they each assembled a large collection significant works by the most prominent Spanish artists at the turn from the 19th to the 20th centuries.

At that time, landscapes were the prime source of modernity in painting. In Spain, they were associated with a new vision of the country by the artists of regenerationism, who were aware of the historical and cultural value it harboured. Among them, Aureliano de Beruete and Darío de Regoyos were the most radical and the most closely associated with the modern European trends. The significant representation of their outstanding works in both collections is an eloquent sign of the wisdom of the collectors' choice, as proven by the group of artists presented here.

They also acquired works by the Cantabrian painter Agustín Riancho and the Catalan Francisco Gimeno, both of whom had unique careers in the freedom and immediacy with which they quite independently tackled nature. Finally, Entrecanales and Corral also appreciated the works by two eminent painters who cultivated other themes but also worked outdoors and painted noteworthy landscapes: Santiago Rusiñol, who is associated with symbolism, and Joaquín Sorolla, the most prominent artist of his generation, a close friend of Beruete and like him aware of the variety and richness of Spain's geography.



On 11 March of this year we unveiled this incredible exhibition featuring 70 landscapes, most of them painted by Aurelio de Beruete and Darío de Regoyos and later collected by the engineers José Entrecanales and Santiago Corral. Due to the exceptional situation which we are currently experiencing, the museum will be closed to visitors for a period of time, but in the meantime technology makes it possible to enjoy a series of intriguing contents related to this exhibition at home.

Summary video of the exhibition




Press Conference

interventions by Miguel Zugaza, Juan Entrecanales and Maria de Corral

(Audio / Spanish)

Lecture: Javier Barón

"Beruete, Regoyos y la renovación del paisaje en las colecciones de Corral y Entrecanales"

(Video & Audio/Spanish)


Explanatory Excerpts


Exhibition Catalogue

Author : Javier Barón
Language: Spanish
Measures: 26 x 22,5 cm
Binding: Rústica
No. of pages:: 200
No. of illustrations:: 110 (color)

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In the image:
Aureliano de Beruete
Shores of the Manzanares, 1906
Oil on canvas. 57 x 80 cm
Private collection


Sponsor: José Entrecanales Ibarra Foundation