Exhibition: Bartolomé Bermejo and his period - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


2003-03-09 • 2003-08-31

Bartolomé Bermejo and his period

La pintura gótica hispanoflamenca

The exhibition, La pintura gótica hispanoflamenca (Hispano-Flemish Gothic Paintings), has been organised in collaboration with the Museu Nacional dÁrt de Catalunya (MNAC). Bartolomé Bermejo and his Period comprises over seventy masterpieces, which are representative of the artistic novelties that, under the influence of Flemish paintings, materialised in the Spanish kingdoms during the second half of the 15th. Century and the first years of the 16th. Century. In this context, Bartolomé Bermejo´s artistic personality stands out and the Art Museum of Bilbao possesses one of his most important paintings, La flagelación de Santa Engracia (c. 1474-78). In addition to this work, the exhibition shows exceptionally well a good part of the painter’s works from important museums and national and international private collections. The most outstanding of these is the impressive “Tríptico de la Virgen de Montserrat”, Bermejo´s masterpiece which comes from the cathedral of Acqui Terme in Italy and can be seen for the first time in an exhibition held outside the country. The main aim of the exhibition is to manifest, through emblematic works by Juan de Flandes, Jaume Huget, Diego de la Cruz, Luis Dalmau and Pedro de Berruguete among others, the decisive repercussion of Flemish paintings in artists of Spanish Kingdoms in the 15th. Century and the fertile artistic dialogue between Bermejo and his peninsular and Flemish contemporaries.


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