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Untitled – 88/76

Blanco, Dionisio

Valle de Trápaga-Trapagaran, Bizkaia, 18/09/1927 -Bilbao, 10/04/2003

Oil on paper stuck to board

100 x 70 cm

D. Blanco (bottom left hand corner)


Last third of the 20th century


Acquired in 1988

Over the years, although remaining loyal to his chosen subject matter, once the dictatorship had become history, Blanco's work underwent a process of stylization and his motifs eschewed direct political reference to illustrate a more general meditation on painful existential situations. In Untitled, the foreground is given over to the condemnation of profound solitude. Despite the lack of dramatic historical events, it bears witness to a sense of solidarity. As in Repression, the large white surface surrounding the figures contributes to their isolation, and the lack of detail leaves them in a state of self-absorption and apparent inanity. [Javier Viar]

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