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Untitled – 86/14

Iglesias, Cristina

San Sebastián, 08/11/1956

Cement and iron

147 x 79.5 x 23.2 cm


Late 20th century


Acquired in 1986

Iglesias has a perfectly defined style. All her works possess a great poetic and psychological charge. From her earliest sculptures, her knowledge and ability in the use of traditional procedures has been a central feature of her production. Her works reveal a special interest in the contrast of textures and materials and in the relation they establish with space. From the 1990s she placed greater emphasis on the spatial, architectural and theatrical aspects of her work, which in turn was an invitation to the spectator to become involved in them. She creates impossible spaces for living that remit to architecture and nature, where space is for her a reality and a symbol in which to reflect the power of memory.

In Untitled she replaces an organic structure found in nature with a man-made architectural structure, while delighting in the ornamentation of the natural world with the use of cement with polychrome and natural pigments, thus evoking the appearance of a tree. [Silvia García Lusa]

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