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Untitled – 04/19

Ramos Uranga, Gabriel

Bilbao, 04/09/1939-Bilbao, 09/08/1995

Gum tempera and oil on canvas

191 x 250.3 cm

GR( in the center of the lower side); Gabriel Ramos Uranga; (on the reverse), GR (on the reverse)


Last quarter of the 20th century


Donated by the Ramos Edocia family in 2004

A third painting is the product of a different inspiration, being clearly influenced by the artist's increasingly important parallel activity as an engraver. Untitled from 1987 shows a different graphic universe with sinuous, Baroque lines that seem to pay homage to the dynamic descriptions of mural painting and 17th- and 18th-century drawing. The use of tondo or round-arch framings, a relatively frequent move on the artist's part, brings out this classicist complicity. But, furthermore, it is composed in a sort of false triptych, with each of the three spaces apparently delimited by the imprint of some enormous lithographic stones, marking the introduction of the aesthetic techniques of the engraving. [Javier Viar]

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