Untitled - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Untitled – 04/178

Mieg, Juan

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 19/08/1938

Mixed media on board

91.9 x 183.5 cm

MIEG (bottom right hand corner), JUAN MIEG (on the reverse)


Third quarter of the 20th century


Donated by the artist in 2004

Untitled from 1966 is a collage of waste materials, probably inspired by the experiments made by Catalonian artists like Tàpies and Cuixart, and also by the American New Dadaists, principally Rauschenberg, who at that time dominated the leading-edge international art scene. The work conveys a dramatic sensation of destruction, as if the objects he has distributed were the vestiges of some painful existential desolation. However, Mieg rapidly became enthusiastic about painting using traditional media. Indeed, the background of the painting looks forward to his subsequent work, his lyrical colours, forms and line. [Javier Viar]

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