"Tsuba" with figure in lake and landscape - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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“Tsuba” with figure in lake and landscape

Anonymous, japanese. 19th century

7,9 x 7,4 x 0,7 cm

19th century


Donación de doña María de Arechavaleta, de la colección de don José Palacio

We find this ability to use a limited number of features to suggest a great deal again in this iron, silver and copper tsuba (8 x 7.5 cm). A Chinese wise man is shown with a companion engraved on the obverse, as he plays a sho (bamboo flute); the two are beside a lake, next to a pine tree and branches of other plants, while a crane flies over the miniature landscape. Another miniature landscape is shown on the reverse, featuring a temple by a lake with plants done in silver and gold. The concision with which the theme is developed, often by mere insinuation, in such a small space, is a characteristic of Japanese art, beautifully resolved in this particular case. (Fernando García Gutiérrez, 2008)

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