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Sunrise in Granada

Regoyos y Valdés, Darío de

Ribadesella (Asturias), 1857/11/01-Bartzelona, 1913/10/29


49 x 32,5 cm

Regoyos. (bottom right hand corner)


20th century. First quarter


Acquired in 1962

In October 1910 Regoyos and his family arrived in Granada for the winter, once again for health reasons. Here he stayed until April 1911 when he returned to Bilbao. During his time in Granada he produced some thirty works, including Sunrise in Granada and Sierra de Mulhacén. The pale ray, both painted in 1911. The colouring and execution of the first of these make it a work of extraordinarily fine quality in which Regoyos concentrates on the life and customs of ordinary people. This winter sunrise lights up a scene of a mother holding her baby, appreciable from the obliqueness of the chair, while a man feeds the hens and another young girl soaks up the sun. Far removed from commercial themes, Regoyos paints a humble house on the outskirts of the city, with countryside and trees in the background. The length of the shadows shows how early it is. One interesting feature is the care with which Regoyos reproduces the house and captures the play of sunlight and shadows, the patio and the people, the garden wall, complete with bread oven, which encloses it and the landscape behind. [Juan San Nicolás, 2008]

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