Still Life with Parrots - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Still Life with Parrots

Guinea Zuazaga, Isidoro

Bilbao, 12/04/1893-Bilbao, 10/04/1947

Oil on canvas

50.5 x 65.3 cm

Id Guinea (bottom left hand corner)

c. 1914-1920

First quarter of the 20th century


Donated by Michel Mejuto Alonso in 2007

Although his training with the grant determined him to work in all the branches of the decorative arts, the style of his first phase did not last beyond the early 1920s. His youthful output reflected the influences of those formative years: Viennese Modernism, Art Deco and the work of other artists close to him, like his brother-in-law Antonio Guezala or Anglada-Camarasa himself. From this phase comes Still Life with Parrots, an unusual incursion in Symbolism. The background of luxuriant vegetation and exotic colours recalls some of the portraits of Anglada-Camarasa, painted coinciding with his time in Paris. The accumulation of elements with no apparent connection -a mysterious cloaked figure, several ceramic pieces he decorated- make interpretation difficult. (Mikel Lertxundi)

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