Still life with a silver ewer, a Turkish carpet and a painting of the Holy Family - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Still life with a silver ewer, a Turkish carpet and a painting of the Holy Family

Noletti, Francesco, "Il Maltese"

Valletta?, c. 1611-Rome, 1654


124 x 173,6 cm

c. 1650

17th century. Middle


Donated by Antonio Plasencia, 1935

The Still Life with a Silver Ewer, a Turkish Carpet and a Painting of the Holy Family is another ostentatious and spectacular work which, in both invention and handling of pigment, shows the qualities of sumptuousness that made Noletti one of the most famous painters of the genre. Set against a tapestry background revealed through an open curtain, a platter of frosted fruit, a vase with flowers and an embroidered cloth are arranged on a table top covered by a large Turkish carpet. The table top cuts the composition horizontally in two, whilst the carpet falls to reveal its intricate pattern and dominate the picture.

A small painting of the Holy Family in a gilt frame, beautifully rendered in thick impasto, is arranged obliquely at the right, whilst a silver ewer is placed in front of it. The painting has a blond light that radiates through the gilt frame of the Holy Family painting, the gold trimmings of the drapery, the gilt flower vase, and the texture of the frosted fruit. This finds parallel chromatic richness in the carpet pattern, the embroidered cloth, and the bellowing curtain. It is difficult not to reiterate that this painting was intended for a niche Roman market, with the choice of objects displaying both refinement and ostentation in taste. The painting of the Holy Family represented within the picture is of typical mid-seventeenth century Roman extraction, as also is its intricately carved frame with a double line of scallop shell motifs. The ewer is similarly a fine example of seventeenth century craftsmanship. (Keith Sciberras)

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