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Nieto Ulibarri, Enrique

Valle de Trapaga-Trapagaran, Bizkaia, 07/01/1890-Bilbao, 02/06/1963

Oil on canvas

80.5 x 104 cm

E. Nieto (bottom right hand corner)


First third of the 20th century


Acquired in 2003

  • Mañaria is a good example of Nieto Ulibarri's personal contribution to the art of the landscape. Part of a series of paintings he executed in the Duranguesado area of Bizkaia in 1918, he exhibited the painting the same year with great success in Oñati, in the exhibition organized to mark the 1st Congress of Basque Studies. Portraying the Aldebaraieta district of Mañaria, in the province of Bizkaia, the picture is noticeable for the delicate, allenveloping atmosphere, the studied choice of colour ranges very much linked with his favourite autumnal atmosphere, the dynamic play between planes of depth and the subjective settings, with the inescapable presence of mount Mugarra, which recalls the influence of post-Impressionism, and for a conception of nature heavily steeped in the romantic spirit. Besides revealing a debt to landscape artist Darío de Regoyos, in Mañaria Nieto Ulibarri reflects, as he did in most of his landscapes, what he described as "more the sentiment than any impressionisms". (Javier Novo)

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