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Landscape with Ruins

Cabanas Oteiza, Ángel

San Sebastián, 12/12/1884-Tandil, Argentina, 16/06/1965

Oil on canvas

65.5 x 98 cm

A. CABANAS OTEIZA (bottom right hand corner)

c. 1910-1920

First quarter of the 20th century


Acquired in 1994

In the decade after 1910, his work developed along two lines: one involved landscapes and traditional popular scenes, the other amusing takes on Basque life, similar to the kind of thing José Arrúe popularized. It is to this period, when he became particularly interested in including isolated buildings in his vistas (ruins, farmsteads or mansion houses), that Landscape with Ruins belongs. The time of day and the atmospheric conditions chosen reinforce the romantic air that envelops some of these compositions. Dawns and dusks, and landscapes wrapped in mist, determine the colour harmonies in his painting, in which the notable influence of Regoyos on the new generations of painters from Gipuzkoa is clearly appreciable. [Mikel Lertxundi]

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