Houses in Plencia - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Houses in Plencia

Toja, Ricardo

Gordexola, Bizkaia, 23/08/1932-Plentzia, Bizkaia, 30/09/2012

Oil on canvas

79.5 x 100 cm


Last quarter of the 20th century


Acquired in 1983

  • Toja's search for abstraction gives him a more modern air, something his master and friend Maidagan noted when he declared that, in his painting, the image shapes up "as a vocation to be itself rather than one of description." This is due to a conceptual attitude towards the models that derives ultimately from Pop Art and uses, as quotes, resources from Pointillism and Cubism. He also manages to cool the images, as happens in Houses in Plencia, in which the vibrant brushstroke is combined with a rigorous structure. In later paintings, images are fragmented, as a sort of conceptualizing factor, which consolidates Toja's desire for distancing. (Javier Viar)

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