Homage to Kirikiño - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Homage to Kirikiño

Larrea, Vicente

Bilbao, 01/04/1934

Bronze and stone

52 x 34.5 x 51.8 cm

V. LARREA (bottom left)


Third quarter of the 20th century


Acquired in 1990

After some solid in-house (perhaps in-studio is more apt) training, Vicente Larrea began in abstract art in 1966, the year he took part in the exhibitions organized by the Bizkaia-based Emen group of artists, submitting figurative works, via constructive, geometric sculptures, in straight and curved lines, that had little to do with his later work except for the tendency towards dynamic, almost Baroque structures, and for the surface modelling, as can be seen in the sketch for Homage to Kirikiño, the definitive version of which stands by the cemetery of Mañaria (province of Bizkaia). After some time spent alternating geometric with organic forms, occasionally in the same sculpture, he plumped for the organic, and his forms became increasingly complex and closed in, hiding the interior from view. [Javier Viar]

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