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Greys and Purples

Arias, Amable

Bembibre del Bierzo, León, 29/06/1927-San Sebastián, 29/02/1984

Oil and dissolved coal dust on canvas

130 x 162 cm


Third quarter of the 20th century


Acquired in 1997

Amable began with landscape art produced with his own sober version of Pointillism, in which he portrayed the El Bierzo area where he was born, and which he revisited regularly in what may well have been an attempt to recover a childhood ruined after he lost a leg in an accident, and the family's subsequent move to San Sebastián, when he was fifteen. Highly combative as an artist, he was one of the prime movers and shakers behind the renewal of art in San Sebastián. He gave up figuration in favour of a sensitive, poetic abstraction, at times Pointillist and always resolved with silent delicacy, which gives the look of something on the point of disappearing, as is the case with Greys and Purples, a work that was included in the exhibitions of the local group of artists Gaur, founded in 1966 and of which Arias was a member. [Javier Novo]

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