Eve - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Eve – 82/542

Arrue, Ricardo

Bilbao, 05/11/1889-Caracas, 11/03/1978

Enamel on copper

16.2 x 12.1 cm

Arrue (on the reverse)


First quarter of the 20th century


Acquired in 1924

His enamels, produced on his own or with Ramiro, are one of the most original cycles in Basque decorative arts of the time, on a par with Durrio's jewels and ceramics. Durrio it was who gave him ideas and encouraged him to try his hand at enamelling in Paris in 1914. His themes were varied, ranging from the still life and the nude to Basque scenes, mythological characters and even religious matters. A good example of the latter is Eve, who is however portrayed in rampantly pagan plenitude, her beauty adorned by hair with golden lights, which recalls Egyptian hairstyles, and a fistful of sensual apples, all in an evident Symbolist atmosphere. (Javier Viar)

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