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Easter Blossom

Guinea, Anselmo

Bilbao, 1855/04/01-Bilbao, 1906/06/10


75,1 x 119,3 cm

A. Guinea (bottom left hand corner)


Late 19th century


Acquired in 2010

In early January 1899, Guinea was busy finishing Easter Blossom, a painting commissioned by Alejandro Anitua for that year's edition of the National Exhibition of Madrid. Anitua was one of the most active collectors in fin-de-siècle Bilbao who was particularly interested in the Spanish School in Rome (José Echena, Francisco Pradilla, Juan Antonio and Mariano Benlliure, Daniel Hernández, etc.), although he also showed an interest in the newer artistic sensibilities espoused by the likes of Anselmo Guinea, Ignacio Zuloaga and Francisco Durrio.

The technical dichotomy with which he constructed his works during this period continues with a highly descriptive and wonderfully drawn foreground and an impressionist landscape where he also used his unique adaptation of pointillism. The work is subtly harmonised in plays of blues and violets that tinge the scene at daybreak.

What powerfully stands out in the delicate overall intonation is the use of saturated red in the soutanes of the altar boys, a resource he liked to use to make them stand out from their surroundings. Modernity can also be glimpsed in the use of a framing influenced by photography, which led him to cut one of the altar boys in half, and even to almost fully conceal the girl at the head of the procession. Easter Blossom is framed within a traditional theme since the nineteenth century which Basque artists also drew from. There are other examples of depictions of processions in the century (works by Ramón Elorriaga, Antonio María Lecuona, Vicente Berrueta and Macario Marcoartu), although Guinea's canvas more harmoniously and less vigorously anticipates Elías Salaverría's Corpus Christi Procession in Lezo (c. 1910, Bilbao Fine Arts Museum) in its use of a composition that draws the spectator into the scene by the scale of the figures and the slight diagonal line along which they are moving. (Mikel Lertxundi)

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