Duranguesado (Triptych) - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Duranguesado (Triptych)

Tamayo, Daniel

Bilbao, 15/08/1951

Oil on canvas

130 x 585 cm


Last quarter of the 20th century


Acquired in 2002

  • Duranguesado is a huge triptych nearly 6 metres long comprising three independent panels each just under 2 metres long. The physical autonomy of the three works is underscored by their being separated by their frames and by the slight variations of form and colour introduced in some of the components that give continuity to the landscape, like, for instance, the sky. Natural forms such as mountains, valleys and rivers appear in this densely populated panoramic space together with people, objects and signs of diverse nature, which, from our bird's-eye vantage point, provide a metaphor of our geographical and social landscape. Tamayo puts the perspective out of kilter and invites us to reconstruct the whole and to move around this familiar yet unfamiliar territory, combining the global vision with an eye concentrated on the many elements that inhabit it. (Marta García Maruri)

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