Bust of Doctor Jesús Lartitegui Arenaza - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Bust of Doctor Jesús Lartitegui Arenaza

Iñurria, Ricardo

Santurtzi, Bizkaia, 03/05/1908-Bilbao, 24/02/1995


45 x 45 x 27 cm

R. IÑURRIA (bottom left)


Second quarter of the 20th century


Donated by Juan Alberto, Jesús Manuel, Javier and Miren Lartitegui Miquelarena in 1999

In the Bust of Doctor Jesús Lartitegui Arenaza, Iñurria gives the good doctor a strongly hieratic look, which confers on him a certain symbolic quality. The dense walnut wood used gives the bust particular value. Walnut is highly esteemed in sculpture for its excellent quality, allowing for a compact finish. The finish respects the natural colour, which tends to a dark red with black grain. With the painstaking carving, these two aspects create a play of light and a variety of colour most unusual in wood sculpture. [Javier Novo]

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