Altea-90 XLII - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Altea-90 XLII

Balerdi, Rafael

San Sebastián, 05/05/1934-Altea, Alicante, 11/03/1992

Oil on canvas

110 x 160 cm

Balerdi (bottom left hand corner)


Last quarter of the 20th century


Deposited by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in 1999

  • From 1980 to 1985 Balerdi only painted on paper. From 1985, when he returned to oils, until his death, he produced an extensive and varied body of work of violent colours. Although abstract in the main, figurative features did crop up occasionally, and it is not unusual to find structures and descriptions of landscapes and human figures, though deformed by drawing and colour. This endows some of his paintings with a Surrealist, almost visionary character, a good example of which is Altea-90 XLII. (Javier Viar)

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