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Ellas VIII: Lorea Alfaro with María Blanchard

Femme assise (Seated Woman), c.1928

Alfaro pays attention to the undefined places in Blanchard’s work, where the author smudges before speaking to create spaces, folds and intersections that are almost as important as the self-assured brushstroke. Alfaro, accompanied by Isabel de Naverán, outlines what a reference is to her, here and now, when the reference is affects and affects are references.


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Coordination and direction of the project: M. Victoria Antoñanzas and César Ochoa. Department of Education and Cultural Action. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
Artistic direction and editing: Tamara García Iglesias
Technical and colour editing: Maialen Sarasua Oliden and Olaia Nogales
Camera: Alain García
Live sound: Iñigo Azkue
Subtitles and transcriptions: Paula Gómez and Júlia Gaitano Mendizabal
Artist: Lorea Alfaro

Length: 09′ 54”

About the guest

Lorea Alfaro (Estella, Navarra, 1982)

With a Bachelor’s in Fine Art from the EHU/UPV in 2005, she pursued her doctorate in Art Creation and Research in 2006. In 2011, she, David Martínez Suárez, Jon Otamendi and Manu Uranga launched Bilbao MLDJ, a self-managed space for artists. She combines photography, video, painting and sculpture for her projects in spaces like Bulegoa z/b and the gallery CarrerasMugica. She has contributed to publication like Eremuak #2 (2015); El estado mental no. 7 (2015); Jumbo, along with June Crespo in IASPIS (Stockholm, 2014); Again Again(st) by Pablo Marte and Consonni (2013); Erreakzioa-Reacción (2012); and TEXTO (2012). She lives in Bilbao and is a professor at the UPV/EHU.

About the artwork

Femme assise (Seated Woman), c.1928

María Blanchard

The image of the seamstress, who is holding the cloth she is sewing in her hands, next to whom is a basket on the nearby table, emerges in other compositions as well, as she was a young woman from her closest circle.

She places this figure in a compressed setting, in which simple shapes sketch the image which she imbues with the sadness and dejection of her depressed mood. It is like a mirror of her existence, an intimate testimony of a life which is getting away from her.

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