Ellas VII: Amaya Suberviola with Mari Paz Jiménez - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


Ellas VII: Amaya Suberviola with Mari Paz Jiménez

Plastic Organic Nucleus, c.1971

Suberviola separates her work from Jiménez’s and in that separation, which ranges from the life process and the production of her work by layers, we find a current way of thinking and doing, when the reference does not challenge you.


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Coordination and direction of the project: M. Victoria Antoñanzas and César Ochoa. Department of Education and Cultural Action. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
Artistic direction and editing: Tamara García Iglesias
Technical and colour editing: Maialen Sarasua Oliden and Olaia Nogales
Camera: Alain García
Live sound: Iñigo Azkue
Subtitles and transcriptions: Paula Gómez and Júlia Gaitano Mendizabal
Artist: Amaya Suberviola

Length: 12′ 01”

About the guest

Amaya Suberviola (Mendavia, Navarra, 1993)

She has a degree in art with a specialisation in painting and graphic design and a Master’s in painting from the UPV/EHU. She lives and works in Bilbao. She has earned several grants and residencies: Young Artists Pensioned at the Palacio Quintanar (Segovia, 2015); Further Artistic Studies (Navarra, 2015 and 2016), Landscape (Altea, 2016), Nautilus (Lanzarote, 2017), BilbaoArte and Basque government (Bilbao, 2021) and VEGAP (Madrid, 2021). She won First Prize in Painting from the Hotel Carlton (2017) and a selection award from Ertibil Bizkaia (2021). Her painting focuses on space and its disablement when superimposed with images and motifs that frame different realities.

About the artwork

Plastic Organic Nucleus, c.1971

Mari Paz Jiménez