Ellas V: Malús Arbide with Sonia Delaunay - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


Ellas V: Malús Arbide with Sonia Delaunay

Costume pour Gaby, 1918

Arbide takes a steady gaze at Delaunay’s drawing, its front and back, in what seems like the composition of a costume for a play, where the mobility of the fabric inspires us about the way of getting around in circles until reaching repeated yet different patterns, like a choreography that never ends up the same even though we repeat it.


Castellano / Euskara / English


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Coordination and direction of the project: M. Victoria Antoñanzas and César Ochoa. Department of Education and Cultural Action. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
Artistic direction and editing: Tamara García Iglesias
Technical and colour editing: Maialen Sarasua Oliden and Olaia Nogales
Camera: Alain García
Live sound: Iñigo Azkue
Subtitles and transcriptions: Paula Gómez and Júlia Gaitano Mendizabal
Artist: Estibaliz Sádaba

Length: 12′ 01”

About the guest

Malús Arbide (San Sebastián, 1958)

She has a bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a specialisation in painting from the UPV/EHU. Between 1985 and 1989, she taught fashion design and illustration and graphic techniques applied to fashion design in Bilbao. In 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1999 she participated in the travelling show Ertibil Bizkaia. In 1994, she was chosen in Vitoria-Arte-Gasteiz, Contemporary Art and won first prize at the Poster Contest of the Carnaval of Bilbao. In 2011, she taught a graphic pattern design workshop and a course on digital printing applied to fabric design at the Bilbao Art Foundation. She works in designs for textile prints and the cladding of decorative surfaces.

About the artwork

Costume pour Gaby, 1918

Sonia Delaunay