Ellas II: Mabi Revuelta with Maria Helena Vieira da Silva - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum


Ellas II: Mabi Revuelta with Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

Passage des miroirs (Passage of Mirrors), 1981

Mabi Revuelta and Viera da Silva wend their way through the labyrinths built to provide refuge yet feel distressed, to create infinite places, real chess games, in which feeling runs parallel much closer than we may think.


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Coordination and direction of the project: M. Victoria Antoñanzas and César Ochoa. Department of Education and Cultural Action. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
Artistic direction and editing: Tamara García Iglesias
Technical and colour editing: Maialen Sarasua Oliden and Olaia Nogales
Camera: Alain García
Live sound: Iñigo Azkue
Subtitles and transcriptions: Paula Gómez and Júlia Gaitano Mendizabal
Artist: Mabi Revuelta

Length: 8' 56''

About the guest

Mabi Revuelta (Bilbao, 1967)

Estudia Bellas Artes enShe studied Fine Arts at the UPV/EHU and furthered her education through numerous scholarships. She has been living for long stretches in New York since 2002. In 2016 she developed the project Acromática thanks to the Leonardo Grant of the BBVA Foundation. Her work contains references to dadaism and surrealism and conveys the intention to transfer her experiences to the public space while also pursuing interaction with spectators.

About the artwork

Passage des miroirs (Passage of Mirrors)

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

In her white paintings such as this Passage of Mirrors the sense of the loss of reality is heightened, as is the poetic vehemence conveyed by the fragile world depicted, in spite of its latent geometry. Like other contemporary artists, Vieira da Silva attempted to combine the proposals of spatialism and those of Lyrical Abstraction, yet without giving up representational references completely.

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